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Seeds are the primary basis for human sustenance. They are the repository of the genetic potential of crop species and their varieties resulting from the continuous improvement and selection over time.

Crop improvement and the delivery of high quality seeds and planting materials of selected varieties to growers is necessary for ensuring improved crop production and meeting growing environmental challenges. Food security therefore is dependent on the seed security of farming communities.

FAO, in line with the Second Global Plan of Action priority activities, assists member countries in carrying out the following key activities:

  • Strengthen seed production programmes, including early generation seed multiplication, taking into account comparative advantages of the public and private seed sectors
  • Strengthen national seed associations and support the emergence of local private seed enterprises involved in the production and distribution of seed through improved access to new varieties, capacity-building activities and appropriate credit schemes
  • Strengthen farmers’ capacities in seed multiplication in order to improve quality of seed produced in the informal sector particularly in transition from emergency to development activities and where there is no private sector
  • Promote value-adding activities at local level as a means of diversifying farmers’ revenues and stimulating seed demand
  • Strengthen community seed systems programmes to improve farmers’ knowledge and skills related to varieties and seeds