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Ducks are the easiest domestic birds to raise.  They'll forage for much of their food, and they don;t need to be parpered with expensive housing.  You don't need a pond for them either, although these friendly birds certainly look beautiful swimming on a pond.  Ducks will eat Japanese beetles, grasshoppers, snails, slugs and mosquitoes.  They will clean unwanted plants from ponds and lakes while eating up all table and gardening leftovers.  They also produce an abundance of valuable nitrogen-rich manure while providing low-cost meat and eggs.


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Informations de publication

  • Publié: 1978
  • Éditeur: Garden Way Pub.,
  • ISBN-10: 0882661698
  • Dewey Decimal: 636.597
  • Bibliothèque ECHO: 636.597 HOL
  • Bibliothèque ECHO Asie: AB.029