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When you are gathering all the tools and materials you need to build the first silo, you may not find everything on the list. Be resourceful. If you can’t find certain tools, ask the hardware dealer to help you. Maybe something else will work. Ask other metal workers or jewellers for advice about alternative sources for solder, cleaners and fluxes.

The thickness of the steel sheets can be changed slightly. Remember that thicker sheets will be more dif- ficult to cut with the shears and much thinner sheets will not be strong enough for large silos. Don’t use sheets less than 0.4 mm. The ratio of tin to lead in the solder is also flexible. 50% / 50 % is the best but 35% tin / 65% lead is also acceptable.

Copper soldering irons heated in charcoal are reliable, low-cost tools which can be made and used in almost any community. In some areas, propane gas cylinders may be available and inexpensive. In that case, gas soldering torches can be used and may actually be more valuable for doing other kinds of metalwork.

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  • Publié: 2005
  • Éditeur: FAO