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Présenté par: Dr. Alliy Saidi Mbwana

Événement: Symposium on Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture (12/02/2019)

Session: The principles informing the notion of a Social Contract on Water in Tanzania still needs to be more legally binding, democratically enforceable and widely accepted in interpreting the current Industrial Economic Growth Policy. IRTECO wants to share its experiences on how democratic sensibility and regulatory systems may speed up the growth of the economy in linking agriculture, industry and trade within the framework of industrial revolution strategies in Tanzania.

Biographical information: Dr. Alliy Saidi Mbwana is a Veteran Principal Agricultural Research Officer who worked with the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries on bananas for over 36 years initially as a crop protectionist but later as an all round seasoned Banana specialist. Due to his diligence and seriousness on his work he was appointed the First National Banana research Coordinator, at one time Director ARI Maruku and lastly Zonal Director, Northern Zone at SARI. Having worked on Banana, a perfect CA crop, he was encouraged to join ACAF where he is still active even after retiring from active civil service in 2016.