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Infonet, a channel of the Biovision Farmer Communication Programme (FCP), provides scientific and practical validated information and knowledge related to plant (crop), animal, human and environmental health.

Relevant magazines/brochures and publications with complementary and practical information on agriculture, health, livestock and on securing and increasing harvests through simple, environmentally friendly methods from different sources and partner organisations are listed in this link.

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Diseases of Sheep & Goats in East Africa

Diagnostic chart based on disease signs and observations

Diseases of Cattle in East Africa - Diagnostic Chart - 20/02/2016

Diagnostic chart based on disease signs and observations

Enhancing Tree Planting - Consultancy Report - 20/01/2012

Infonet-Biovision, an initiative of Biovision Farmer Communication Programme, provides small-scale farmers, communities, NGOs, and trainers with practical information and knowledge on simple, workable and ecologically compatible practices and methods that sustain farming and household incomes. It offers an internet platform with operational knowledge developed by local capacities, farmers, and scientists. The content is largely need-based and defined by farmer groups and proof-read and completed by experts.

There is a countrywide increased concern about frequent droughts and increasingly hostile climate. This is causing increased awareness, interest for, and planting of trees at farm level. This cannot only be seen in the landscape and on farms but also visible through changes by an increasing number of tree nurseries being established through various community supported initiatives.

Training for IPM in Mango Production in East Africa - 20/01/2005

Mango is one of the most important fruit crops in the tropical and subtropical lowlands. It is a fruit growing in popularity worldwide and well suited to East Africa as a commercial crop.

These guidelines are for farmer-to-farmer leaders of a training programme. They are accompanied by a field guide, A guide to /PM in mango production in Kenya and a poster.