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Abstract, Electronic Journal of Biology, 2016

Biological control of plant diseases has been considered a viable alternative method to manage plant diseases. Biocontrol is environmentally safe and in some cases is the only option available to protect plants against pathogens. Through our study, we tried to find out the possibility of using the essential oil of Artemisia herba alba as a biological control agent. The antifungal activity of the oil was determined and it was found that this essential oil have an interesting effect on conidia germination, mycelia growth, and the sporulation of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris (Chickpea Fusarium Wilt), Fusarium solani (Chickpea root-rot) and Globisporangium ultimum (Aleppo pine damping off and root-rot diseases). Results obtained highlight the importance of this subject as it can offer the possibility of using plant derivatives in disease management against these soil-borne pathogens