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The GODAN initiative is a voluntary alliance of partners brought together around a shared purpose. The initiative welcomes all those who share this purpose to join as partners and to participate in shaping co-ordinated activities that can deliver on the potential of open data for agriculture and nutrition. Together, GODAN partners seek to support this initiative through a set of guidelines and principles of open data and open access. The initiative seeks to:

  • Guide and assist both private and public sector bodies on open data and open access policy, balancing the obvious benefits of open data with legitimate concerns in relation to privacy, security, community rights and commercial interests;
  • Advocate for the release and re-usability of data in support of Innovation and Economic Growth, Improved Service Delivery and Effective Governance, and Improved Environmental and Social Outcomes;
  • Provide and link partners with the relevant technical expertise required to build and develop their own proposals, action plans and milestones. Where appropriate, GODAN can provide expertise and guidance through entire projects, from proposal to delivery.