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dimanche 16 avril 2023 16h00 - samedi 22 avril 2023 14h00
Subiaco Centre in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya
Présenté par: REAP Kenya

Pour toute assistance:

Mrs Anne Sige (reapke@gmail.com)

Téléphone: +254 (0)707 495709 or +254 (0) 722 737429

REAP is an organization in Kenya with extensive experience in sustainable agriculture and Natural Medicine.  REAP will run a week-long intensive training seminar in Natural Medicine following the methods and principles of anamed international. Anamed, short for “action for natural medicine” has over 30 years of experience in the scientific use of medicinal plants to treat many common tropical health complaints and diseases. Those attending past seminars have come not only from Kenya but from many countries in the region and even further afield.

As a result of these seminars, we are delighted to say that Natural Medicine is now being practiced in many parts of Kenya and other countries in the region.

In particular, malaria patients are being treated with Artemisia annua tea, diarrhea is being treated with anti-amoeba tea, skin conditions and wounds are being treated, and HIV/AIDS patients are benefiting enormously from Artemisia tea, Roselle tea, and Moringa leaf powder.

We invite you or someone from your organization to attend this training seminar in Natural Medicine.

The aims of this training seminar are:

To train local healers, pastors, missionaries, health workers, teachers, and others active in the community in

  • the recognition, knowledge, and cultivation of key medicinal plants.
  • the treatments of many basic medical complaints and diseases, including malaria, skin problems, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, and wounds.
  • the hygienic production of effective Natural Medicines from researched plants, e.g. teas, different medicinal oils and ointments, and tinctures. We will also produce medicinal soap, medicinal charcoal, black stones for scorpion stings and snake bites and learn how to use several simple technologies.
  • the influence of good nutrition and lifestyle on health.

Following the seminar, we expect action since we have shared information so that the participants can:

  • create their own garden of medicinal plants,
  • prepare their own natural medicines,
  • treat themselves, their families, and others within their area of competence, and
  • teach their families, colleagues, and others in their communities.

Tutors: Rev Rosalia Oyweka, Dr Roger Sharland, Pst. George Matengo and Sr. Francesca Kaesa.


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