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The research methodology was based on the following multi-method research approach, using both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, with checklists and tools developed for each:

  1.  Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice baseline and endline studies through 46 Focus Group Discussions with community members (220 women and 210 men in total)
  2.  Key Informant Interviews on animal health service delivery with CAHWs (33), AHSPs (8), Private Veterinary Pharmacies (PVPs) (19), government staff (8), and Test partner project staff (16)
  3. Observational site visits and spot checks to review veterinary pharmaceutical quality with PVPs (9) and CAHWs/AHSPs (33)
  4. Laboratory tests to check the stability of the active ingredients and the sterility of the veterinary pharmaceuticals in use (78 samples tested)
  5.  A global online stakeholder survey administered via the LEGS website and mailing list to consult practitioners and policy makers around the world about their experiences of providing veterinary support in emergencies (85 responses) 
  6. USAID/OFDA also carried out fi eld visits to the three Test sites during the research period