1. 15/11/1976 Participants in this workshop included international authorities on sheep and goat production and on agricultural development. These technical papers and following discussions have been summarized by the editors of these proceedings. 43 pages
  2. The management advice in this publication is planned to help you run your goat business to make a profit.
  3. Book that covers the origin of the goat, myths and facts, data about the goat, goat milk, meat, skins and hair, nutrition and physiological factors.
  4. 1/1/1998 Las cabras fueron de los primeros animales domesticados. La mayoria de los países del mundo han usado a las cabras como fuente de carne y leche desde los primeros días de que se tenga emoria en la historia.
  5. How to run a dairy goat farm with information on diet, environment, diseases and more.
  6. 1/1/1987 This publication includes topics that help with raising goats successfully.
  7. Access Agriculture Training Video In traditional sheds, sheep and goats are often kept on the ground. The animals are in direct contact with their urine and droppings. Because of poor hygiene many animals get sick. You can easily make a raised platform inside your existing shed to solve these...
  8. 1/1/1987 This book is a summary of our experiences working with animal health and husbandry problems in Tonga. It is also an attempt to make information that is available in other parts of the world relevant to Tongan animal husbandry methods, in the Tongan environment and culture, and in English simple...
  9. 20/1/2015 Adaptable, tough and relatively cheap to keep, goats play an important role in food production systems in developing countries. These animals are also popular for their high-quality meat and milk, and can serve as a ‘bank account’ that can be drawn on when cash is needed. Appealingly laid out,...
  10. This basic booklet can be seen as a first-aid kit for those who live in isolated places and cannot easily diagnose a disease or have an analysis made of feed quality.