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Presentado por: Mark Leveri

Evento: Symposium on Improving Nutrition in Dryland Areas (7/8/2018)

Session: In the Tanzanian population occupational context, the majority (80%) experience food insecurity and poverty, and malnutrition is a phenomenon that has for a long time remained the main cause of child mortality, stunting and the most important impediment to further economic growth of the nation. Vegetable farming, notably amaranth farming by poor requires less land, less labour and does not need the typically prohibitive agriculture inputs than farming cereal grains, maize & beans. Amaranth’s renown nutritious value can eradicate malnutrition, and the surplus has the potential of significantly increasing the income earnings especially of women and youth to live a life of dignity.

Biographical information: Mark Leveri, media and hospitality industry, humanitarian, disaster risk reduction, development and management consultant is the past Country Director of Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service (TCRS) and has a distinguished career in development.