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Faisal Fikri, Muhammad Thohawi Elziyad Purnama. Pharmacology and Phytochemistry Overview on Sauropus androgynous. [Access: March 29, 2021]. doi:10.31838/srp.2020.6.20

Active compounds of natural ingredients need to be extensively explored to get their properties. Sauropus androgynous is widely grown in southern Asia and Southeast Asia. The aim of this study was to provide an overview of S. androgynous profiles, pharmacological compound and their phytopharmacological activity. The method used to collect literature is the Science Direct, PubMed and Google Scholar search engines with keywords. The active compounds of S. androgynous which can be detected i.e.sauroposide and some secondary metabolites i.e. alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, terpenoids, glycosides, and some vitamins i.e. carotenoids, thiamine, ascorbic acid and α-tocopherol. Many studies showed that S. androgynous has efficacy as an antioxidant, analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, cytotoxicity, aphrodisiac, lactation enhancer, antidiabetic and hypoglycaemic, anti-cholesterol, and wound healing activity. Further research needs to be done to make pharmaceutical preparations in the form of patent drugs with appropriate therapeutic doses.  Open Access.