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Presentado por: Aphisak Kamphen

Evento: 2019 ECHO Asia "Small Scale: Up Scale" Agriculture & Community Development Conference (2/10/2019)

The Maetha Organic Community Enterprise has become a dynamic and prominent organic food producer and supplier in Thailand. Our fruits, vegetables and processed agricultural products are sold and distributed in shops belonging to the green and sustainable food network, and to supermarkets (modern markets). In addition, we now sell some of our products through the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) System. CSA is our new marketing strategy for catering to the demands of higher end consumers - both foreigners and locals - for fresh, organic, and locally-produced fruits and vegetables. Right now, we sell in boxes at least 10 varieties of vegetables and two of fruits. The vegetables vary in kinds and varieties dependent on seasons and consumer demands. Every Wednesday morning, we deliver these fruits and vegetables in boxes to consumers’ homes. And we meet consumers’ demands by asking what they like to eat (food preferences) and based on this information, we plan our production, supply and packaging system. At the village community level, the enterprise operates an organic café offering various local products from the village and farmer producer themselves.