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LEISA India is the regional Indian edition of Agricultures Network  of the global LEISA magazines. LEISA India is published by AME Foundation ( in collaboration with ILEIA (1999-2011) and (From 2011 onwards).

AME Foundation is a development-oriented, non-government organization, committed to improving the livelihoods of resource poor farm families in the dry land areas through promotion of ecological agriculture. Towards this objective, AME works with the small and marginal farmers of the Deccan Plateau region by generating farming alternatives, enriching the knowledge base, training, linking development agencies and sharing experience.

AME promotes LEISA technologies (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture) through participatory capacity building processes and experience sharing. It encourages farm level innovations through the processes of Participatory Technology Development (PTD) and Farmers Field Schools (FFS). AME fosters institutional linkages and promotes networking with a number of development organizations, particularly at the grass root level, to scale up its activities. AME promotes information sharing through documentation and dissemination of relevant information.

LEISA India, is one such initiative that has evolved into a meaningful platform for sharing eco-farming alternatives. It reaches a large number of people through exchange of information on practical field experiences on Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture. The magazine reaches NGOs, development workers, research institutions, academics and the government and is well appreciated.

In India, ‘LEISA movement of practice’ is being strengthened through consortium and alliances.