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The aim of Journal of Experimental Botany (JXB) is to publish papers that advance our understanding of plant biology. Original research should provide new information on fundamental processes or mechanisms including those underpinning the improvement of plants for the sustainable production of food, fuel and renewable materials. When considering if a paper is suitable, consideration will be given to the breadth and significance of the work to the plant science community.

Areas of particular focus:

  • Growth and development - integration of internal and external cues determining development and architecture; reproductive biology.
  • Cell biology - molecular and vesicular trafficking; cell-to-cell communication; cytoskeleton; cell division; differentiation and death.
  • Metabolism - photosynthesis; carbon uptake and assimilation; resource allocation; nutrition.
  • Plant-environment interactions - global change; biotic and abiotic stress; symbioses; plant–rhizoflora interactions; mineral nutrition.
  • Crop molecular genetics - trait and gene characterization; molecular analysis; metabolic processes.