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Abstract, Advances in Crop Science and Technology, 2016

Sorghum and maize grain stored in traditionally prepared pit in Jigjiga and Awubarre districts of Ethiopian Somali region were evaluated for seven months after of underground storage. We collected data on socio-economic profile of survey participants, grain drying duration on the field, amount of grain stored and sold, and comparative evaluation of grain physical quality stored in bare traditional and plastic lined pit. We used semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions and participants’ storage pit observation. Survey result indicated that 30% to 56% respondents dry harvested grain on the field from two weeks to one month. Majority of the respondents 57 rated ‘very good’ for grain stored in the plastic lined pit storage for quality attributes such as grain color, taste, odor, seed germination, and market preference, market price and for human health, however more than 34 respondents rated ‘bad’ for grain stored in bare traditional pit stored. This finding, thus, puts forward a need to use plastic lined pit storage so that the grain quality attributes are preferred by consumers.


Grain Storage