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Presentado por: Christopher Kellner

Evento: Symposium on Improving Nutrition in Dryland Areas (9/8/2018)

Session: The Tanzania Domestic Biogas Programme began in 2007 following a positive feasibility study by GTZ. Tanzanian stakeholders established a taskforce and selected the Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation and Rural Technology (CAMARTEC) as the national agency to coordinate the programme. SNV provided support in 2008 and 2009 to produce a detailed Programme Implementation Document (PID) and to kick-start the implementation phase. Since March 2009, the programme has developed a solid state biogas technology appropriate to dry pastoralist areas.

Biographical information: Christopher Kellner has worked during the last 30 years mainly in Africa on different posts engaged in the dissemination of alternative forms of sanitation. The special interest and experience is in biogas technology. He contributed to the development of the CAMARTEC Biogas Unit Design in Tanzania and has adapted and fine tuned the technology to the African context in Ethiopia, Lesotho and Zambia. He is an international consultant.