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Pulses have been an essential part of the human diet for centuries. Yet their nutritional value is not generally recognized and their consumption is frequently under-appreciated. Undeservedly so, as pulses play a crucial role in healthy diets, sustainable food production and, above all, in food security. This book, Pulses. Nutritious seeds for a Sustainable Future, highlights the benefits of these relatively unknown seeds. Given that pulses come in thousands of varieties, it would be impossible to list them all. Thus, the book focuses on the main families of pulses to whet your appetite. This book illustrates the five main ways in which pulses contribute to food security, nutrition, health, climate change and biodiversity along with an overview of the production and trade in pulses worldwide.

It also takes you on a voyage around the world to demonstrate how pulses are important historically and culturally, as reflected in today's cooking. We are honoured to present ten world-class chefs sharing their secrets of both traditional and tasty pulse dishes. We hope these recipes will entice you to try some or all of them and encourage you to include more pulses in your weekly diet.