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The Drought and Supplementary Feed Calculator is an essential tool for sheep and cattle producers to develop drought feed rations as well as rations for dry periods when supplementary feeding is required.

Featuring a comprehensive feeds database listing average nutritional values of 71 different feeds you can compare and develop a mixed ration containing up to five feeds. Feed additives can be incorporated to calculate overall ration cost, however their nutritional benefits (other than Energy and protein) cannot be included.

The supplementary feed outputs rely on the user’s ability to accurately assess pastures. The calculator displays a range of outcomes to inform the user to the potential impacts of their pasture assessments.

The tool calculates the individual feed quantities and auger timings needed when making single and mixed rations and when feeding out. It is designed to calculate the requirements of different sized mobs and feeding frequencies. It also contains a handy summary page and outputs can be saved to a home computer or sent directly to a printer.