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Research on the use of insects for feed is also being led by ICIPE (The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology. Programs by ICIPE include INSFEED (“Insect feed for poultry and fish production in sub Saharan Africa”); GREEiNSECT (“Mass-rearing insects for greener protein supply”) and ILIPA (“Improving livelihood by increasing livestock production in Africa”; this one is focussed mainly on the black soldier fly). Some of the work being done in Kenya through this program is described in an article in Spore Issue 184: “…the INSFEED project has trained more than 75 farmers and young agripreneurs in insect mass rearing using sustainable, accessible and cost-effective techniques, such as harvesting the locally abundant blue Calliphora fly.”

Insects for Food and Feed, EDN # 137