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Presentado por: Tim Motis, PhD

Evento: ECHO International Agriculture Conference (16/11/2022)

Session : This presentation includes the instruction and benefits of using inexpensive components and freely available software to make your own temperature and humidity monitor. Some of the points in this presentation include: 

  • Applications
  • Why build your own?
  • A few caveats

Presenter : Dr. Tim Motis serves as the Agriculture Resourcing and Research Director. Tim Motis grew up in Ethiopia and Liberia and served as an agriculturalist in Ethiopia for two years before earning his Ph.D. in Horticulture at the University of Florida. He has been on staff with ECHO since 2003. Currently, he oversees ECHO’s Agricultural Resourcing and Research Department. His team produces informational and plant resources, responds to ag-related inquiries from our global network, coordinates research activities, and maintains a library of resources pertaining to tropical agriculture.