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Presentado por: Beth Doerr

Evento: West Africa Anglophone Forum 2015 (26/3/2015)

There are perennial vegetables that are quite resilient and also highly nutritious. These vegetables can significantly improve diet, increase the body’s ability to capture the value of foods, and be incorporated into common foods. This presentation will discuss producing and using Chaya, Katuk, Amaranth and Okra and also talk about the advantages of incorporating perennial vegetables into garden areas.

Beth Doerr has a B.A in International Agribusiness and is a former ECHO intern who returned to ECHO in 2004 after working for 13 years in community development. That time included 3 years at a vocational school in Malawi, 5 years as a consultant teaching gardening techniques using drip irrigation, and 3 years in Mauritania with World Vision. She shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with our overseas network by answering technical requests, specializing in the Moringa tree and Appropriate Technologies. She is also the Intern Manager which is the overall intern supervisor.