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Presentado por: Joseph Lentunyoi

Evento: 2nd ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium (3/3/2016)

Session: The session will share knowledge and practices which some pastoralist communities have chosen as alternative livelihoods in pastoralist areas. The ideas come from the local people, and demonstrate ‘people- care’, ‘earth-care’ and ‘fair-share’. Use of natural resources sustainably are highlighted through cob houses, local food production and peace building. Sustainable aloe harvesting from the wild is also promoted. A post-symposium field tour is being arranged to their nearby premises.

Biographical Information: Joseph Ole Ntunyoi is a Maasai who has been involved in putting up a permaculture training centre to educate his neighbors on food growing, indigenous tree propagation leading to return of forest cover, water harvesting and conservation strategies. He is a leading figure in leading his people to form a healthy community, self reliant and promoting self sustaining lives that are desperately needed in the developing world.