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The Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) is an innovative, public-private initiative dedicated to supporting and promoting global cooperation for food safety capacity building. GFSP is uniquely able to assess food safety systems and propose systems-based interventions to address specific food sector needs and to prioritize hazards and threats.

Our partners include leading food and beverage multinationals, intergovernmental organizations, government agencies, global industry organizations, universities and other knowledge experts, and others. The work of GFSP is focused on low- and middle-income countries that benefit from the expertise and resources we leverage from among our partners and other stakeholders to deliver value.

GFSP's commitment to a collaborative approach includes disseminating lessons learned and best practices to inform future food safety capacity building that improves public health, facilitates market access, and contributes to enhanced food security across the globe.

The result? A multiplier effect for food safety capacity actions.


Food Safety