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This guide provides information and advice to those concerned with the production and sale of eggs in developing countries with an emphasis on marketing, i.e. producing in order to meet market demand. Market-led egg production enables long-term business survival, higher profits and a better standard of living for the egg producer.

Improvement measures discussed in this publication have been found to be effective in practice. However, as is inevitable with any publication attempting to address such a wide range of conditions, some of the recommendations and observations found herein may be unsuitable to the reader’s particular circumstances. The reader should select what appears advantageous for the solution of his or her own particular problem(s).

This publication is based upon and updates the FAO Marketing Guide No. 4, Marketing eggs and poultry by J.C. Abbott and G.F. Stewart, first published in 1961. It has been prepared by Edward S. Seidler, Senior Officer (Marketing), AGSF, and Martin Hilmi who worked in FAO under FAO’s Volunteer Programme. Simon Mack and Emmanuelle Guerne Bleich of FAO’s Animal Production Service (AGAP) provided technical advice on poultry production issues and commented on various drafts of this guide.