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This volume deals with the vegetables of South-East Asia.  A vegetable as a product or commodity may be defined as a usually succulent plant or portion of a plant which is consumed as a side-dish with the starchy staple.  All vegetable crops share certain characteristics but very few completely fit any definition.  More than 1000 species have been used in South-East Asia as supplementary food.  In this volume about 100 important vegetables, cultivated as well as wild species, are treated in 86 papers, whereas 125 species of minor importance are described briefly.  This volume intends to contribute to preventing that the knowledge on less-er known indigenous species is lost.

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  • Editor: Prosea Foundations
  • ISBN-10: 9798316223
  • Dewey Decimal: 581.6
  • Librería ECHO: 581.6 SIE