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A comprehensive collection of crop nutrient deficiency photos. A range of nutrient deficiency examples are provided for 14 prominent crops. Text and diagrammatic descriptions are also provided.

alfalfa, banana, barley, canola, citrus, cotton, maize, oil palm, potato, rice, sorghum, soybean, sugarcane, wheat

Symptoms of crop nutrient deficiency can vary across crop species, but similarities exist for how nutrient insufficiency impacts plant tissue color and appearance. As the diagram portrays, nutrient deficiencies are commonly associated with the physical location on the plant (i.e., whether the symptoms are primarily observed on older versus newly formed plant tissue), but these symptoms can spread as the severity of the deficiency progresses. In many cases, visual symptoms may not be so clear or can be confused with other underlying problems, including the conditions created by an adverse growing environment, pest, or disease. It is advised that crop production specialists become familiar with the typical nutrient deficiency traits for the range of crops commonly grown in their region.