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Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research on one of the biggest challenges of our time: sustainably achieving global food security. Led by an outstanding Editorial Board of international experts, this open-access journal is at the forefront of disseminating and communicating scientific knowledge and impactful discoveries, both basic and applied, to academics, policy-makers, practitioners, industry and the public worldwide. The journal welcomes contributions from across the natural and social sciences (including the critical social sciences) as well as interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work.

A food system includes all aspects of producing and delivering food to humans, from production or wild harvest, to processing, marketing, distribution, consumption, recycling and disposal. A food system is both influenced by and emerges from overlapping and multi-scalar political, social, economic and environmental contexts. Food systems today vary from local and regional to global in their scale, processes, and effects. The journal welcomes submissions on any aspect of food systems as they intersect with the science and practice of sustainability, including its environmental, economic and social justice dimensions.