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By recycling seeds that would have otherwise been thrown out or composted, we are implementing a self-sufficient seed bank & tree nursery that provides relevant training for year round agriculture; improves the genetic diversity of local gardens, farms and kitchens and builds resilient healthy food systems and people.  We believe that providing villagers with hardier varieties of vegetable seeds, helps them earn more income and reduce food scarcity in their villages, lessening the need to poach animals and decreases the number of human elephant interactions and conflict. Further, the trees we grow and plant help to reforest communities, provide shade, are a source of food, fuel, fertilizer, and assist with controlling the erosion of the soil.

Our goal is also to plant local trees in private game parks to ensure the elephants, that they do have, will have a good supply of fresh food as elephants eat from 250-600lbs of food per day. Often the elephant caregivers, in the small game parks, have to walk with them, to ensure they eat only certain trees, as they do so much damage in their quest for food. If we plant trees now, especially their favorite’s, like Mango, Guava, Baobab, the elephants will have plenty to eat for years to come.