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“Never Ending Food (NEF) is a community-based initiative in Malawi, Africa which uses Permaculture design to address developmental issues of food/nutrition security, poverty reduction, climate change, and sustainable agriculture. Permaculture is a term coined in Australia in the 1970s from the combination of the two words permanent and agriculture. It is an agroecological-based philosophy, which uses consciously designed
landscapes to mimic the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems 2021.  Through a sustainable integration between landscapes and people, Permacultureserves to fulfill human requirements for food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs (Mollison, 1988).

  1. This toolkit is a collection of existing resources, case studies, infographics, learning modules, community discussion forums, inspirational stories and more to help support sustainability in dietetics. We have taken existing content and curated a collection to support your learning needs. In...
  2. The manual is forpeople who eat, grow or buy food and who want to improve their lives, theircommunity and the environment that they live in. It has been written for, andby, people livingin Malawi. It will show you how to eat and live better andguide you in designing a sustainablefuture. The...
  3. In industrialized countries, we often take longevity and health for granted. When something opposes this notion, it is easy to feel threatened. In a country like Malawi, however, concepts like these are not a given. Death is as much a part of daily life as is birth. Villagers are barraged by...

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