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The CLEANED Excel tool to assess the environmental impacts of livestock production systems

CLEANED is a static based model which assess multiple environmental impacts (Figure 3) of a livestock enterprises on an annual basis. CLEANED was developed on Microsoft excel 2016 and implemented as an excel work book. The model is used to carry out rapid ex-ante impact assessments with the data input requirements kept to a minimum. 

The boundary for assessment extends to all the inputs needed to sustain the livestock enterprise but not the whole farm,Figure 1. This includes the area and other inputs used for feed grown for feeding the livestock, including crops whose residues are fed. It does not include the whole farm area or crops grown on the farm that are not fed to the animals Figure 2.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: this model, models livestock enterprise for ruminants.


Detalles de publicación

  • Publicado: 2019
  • Editor: CIAT