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Forests are a dominant feature of our planet.  On geological time scales they have expanded and contracted, but remain a major driver of global cycles of energy and carbon, water and nutrients. In much of the world, forests command deep respect, even reverence for what they provide. Ancient forests still supply much of the energy that drives today’s industry and society, and improved livelihoods for billions of people.  For the foreseeable future, the world’s forests will continue to provide a vast array of services and products that are essential to humankind.

Understanding how forests ‘work’ is an essential field of human endeavour.  Frontiers in Forests and Global Change publishes the latest, most critical research in the major disciplines that comprise forest science – spanning from molecules to ecosystems to the biosphere, and from the pure-basic research to the highly applied.  The best research across the major forest-relevant disciplines (e.g. growth analysis and modelling, soil science, hydrology, physiology and biochemistry, anatomy, ecology, disturbance, atmospheric chemistry, pests and diseases, people and forests) is welcomed, and will find great support focused on ensuring its widest possible impact.