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Heifer International is pleased to present a new, revised edition of Raising Goats for Milk and Meat. This introductory handbook provides an experience-based training model on the basic care and management of dairy and meat goats. The new edition includes training guidelines, a learning guide for each chapter, an updated health section and additional information on marketing, meat goats and care of the land. Although this book will be a useful reference for the individual goat farmer, it is primarily designed as a tool for a facilitator to use when training a group of farmers interested in starting or improving goat production.

Detalles de publicación

  • Publicado: 2008
  • Editor: Heifer International
  • ISBN-10: 097984391X
  • ISBN-13: 9780979843914
  • Dewey Decimal: 636.39
  • Librería ECHO: 636.39 SIN
  • Biblioteca de ECHO Asia: AB.002, AB.023