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Presentado por: Dr. Victorio Fernando D. Nacpil

Evento: Asia Pacific Sustainable Agriculture & Community Development Conference (7/2/2018)

Speaker Bio: Dr. Victorio Fernando D. Nacpil, or known in the Philippines as “Doc Doy,” is a graduate of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at Central Luzon State University, Munoz Science City, Nueva Ecija.  He is married to Marry Ann R. Nacpil, Biology Professor at Wesleyan University – Philippines and both are blessed with 6 children.  Dr. Nacpil is the President of Participatory Guarantee System – Nueva Ecija (PGS-NE), and the Vice President of Nueva Ecija Development Exchange (NEDEX).  He is also the Philippine Representative of Philippine Community Supported Agriculture Network, and the Asian Coordinator of URGENCI (International Network for Community Supported Agriculture).  Dr. Nacpil is the owner and manager of FDN AgriEco Training and Research Center in Kalanutan, Aulo, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija.

Abstract: Today, Organic Agriculture is becoming A fad for the Health conscious and Environmental enthusiasts. For the assurance of our safety on food globally all countries have agreed on certain standards for Food Safety. For Organic Agriculture, we have IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement) that unites the Organic Movement around the world and prescribes Organic Agricultural standards. In every country, they have set their own standard sand by group of countries or continent have agreed on standards.

But, standards, certification and labelling can be manipulated by the corrupt and greedy people on which fake organic or “Organikuno” products proliferate in the market and can cause dangers to the consumer. And so, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) will be our Final Assurance on Food Safety by bringing together the producers and the consumers. Both will become partners on safeguarding the integrity of the production and marketing of their produce. With this partnership and collaboration, middle man will be eliminated, thus prices will be lowered and the profit will increase which will benefit the Producers and Consumers. Added to this, CSA promotes Local Social Solidarity Economy, by which local smallscale organic family farmers and the whole community will be the beneficiaries in terms of Safe food, clean environment and sustainable income.