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Please refer to USAID COVID-19 Digital Response Guidance (PDF) for steps that you can take to increase institutional readiness to prevent, detect, and respond to COVID-19, and its effects. The guidance answers three common response questions:

1. What can be done today?​ Now is the time to get a handle on what exists: what resources exist at USAID Missions? With implementing partners? What local assets and systems already exist that host country institutions can access and trust?

2. What can be done this week? Now is the time to reach out to government counterparts, private sector, and other donors to contribute to a coordinated response. Understand opportunities and risks, and work together to support across sectors.

3. What can be done this month? Now is the time to address critical gaps and adapt as the situation changes.

Most items in the USAID COVID-19 Digital Response Guidance do not require USAID contract modifications. They can prepare Missions and implementing partners to develop a COVID-19 Digital Response that is grounded in the local context and successful over time.