Diapositivas de presentación y recursos del Tercer Simposio de pastores de África Oriental de ECHO

6-8 de marzo de 2018, Nanyuki, Kenya

  1. 8/3/2018 I have spent over fifty years working in East African Rangelands studying wildlife in National Parks and ranches or helping pastoralists in northern Kenya and consulting in Tanzania. The situation has changed unpredictably and dramatically since my original research in the Queen Elizabeth...
  2. 8/3/2018 This is an ACTION PLAN based on participation of representatives from three East Africa countries in the L2M Working Group. The group developed a common framework to guide their discussion and understanding of all the elements that influence the development of a Livestock to Markets Business...
  3. 8/3/2018 This worksheet was used at the 3rd ECHO East Africa PastoralistSymposium by a group generating a joint voluntary plan of action includingpolicy and legislation inhibiting or needed, social and cultural approaches that inhibit or could add value,economic tools,and natural resources governance.
  4. 7/8/2018 Session:The session will first provide an overview of WorldVeg’s efforts in using traditional African vegetables in the region, based on its collection in Arusha, Tanzania, the largest in Africa. The overview will single out amaranth as well as traditional vegetables useful in drylands. Second,...
  5. 7/3/2018 Towards middle and high income for the people in the Ngorongoro District, Tanzania
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  20. 7/3/2018 Practice andprinciples from tenyears on the ground in southern, central and northern Kenya
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