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Decentralised wastewater treatment systems – DEWATS

In contrast to Europe and North America where 95% of urban areas have conventional and centralised wastewater treatment systems, there are many countries where wastewater treatment systems are inadequate or do not even exist. Building a conventional sewerage system often proves difficult due to financial reasons and local conditions. As a result, more than 80% of the world’s wastewater is untreated when discharged to the environment. DEWATS are able to supply densely populated urban areas, as well as rural areas, with adequate wastewater treatment.

[DEWATS offer good solutions, particularly to reduce the organic load from wastewater, which is the most significant problem for people and the environment.]

The easy maintenance, low construction and operation coasts, and independence from urban infrastructure makes DEWATS suitable for poor urban and peri-urban areas, schools, hospitals, and small businesses with organic loads in their wastewater.