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Presentado por: Manuel T. Asprec

Evento: Asia Pacific Sustainable Agriculture & Community Development Conference (6/2/2018)

Speaker Bio: Manny Asprec is the Director and co-founder of SEED Project - Asia. Manny and his family lived in Nepal for a number of years where he used the bio-sand water filter to have safe water for the family. Also, he helped introduced F.A.I.T.H. [Food Always In The Home] gardening as a tool for food security. F.A.I.T.H.  gardening was an integral part of the children’s home that Manny and his wife established in the village outside of Kathmandu City. The Asprec family now lives in Antipolo City, Philippines.

Abstract: Safe drinking water is a challenge to find in many poor communities around the world. Water maybe available but in some cases are not safe for drinking. On this workshop, participants will learn how to build or make a portable and easy to manage bio-sand water filter good for a small family. The bio-sand filter can be modified to serve a larger community.