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Presentado por: Stephen Ababo

Evento: Symposium on Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture (12/2/2019)

Session:  Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) is the use of biodiversity and ecosystem services as part of an overall adaptation strategy to help people to adapt to the adverse effects of Climate Change. Ecosystem-based approaches for adaptation may include sustainable management, conservation and restoration of ecosystems, as part of an overall adaptation strategy that takes in to account the multiple Social, Economic and Cultural co-benefits for local communities. Finally, healthy, well-functioning ecosystems enhance natural resilience to the adverse impacts of Climate Change and reduce the vulnerability of people especially in East Africa

Biographical information: Stephen Ababo holds MSc Agro Ecology and BSc Organic Agriculture from Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), Nkozi, Uganda. He also holds Bachelor of Environmental Management from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. Stephen Ababo is currently working with Sustainable Agriculture For Rural Development Network (SARD-Net) as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Uganda (For further details check: