1. A how-to on perennial feed production with guidelines for small farms in the humid tropics.
  2. This text book presents a broad coverage of plant biology with examples drawn almost exclusively from the tropics. As far as possible the author has illustrated the principles of the subject with examples.
  3. This book is intended for use in evaluating dietary data bases on records of group consumption; the tables are not suitable for detailed surveys of the diets of indiviuals nor for precise nutritional investigations on individual humanand animal sujbects--for these, analyses of the actual food...
  4. This book consolidates the descriptive results of a pantropical project called Agroforestry Systems Inventory (AFSI), undertaken by the International Council for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF) from 1982 to 1987. Since agroforestry was a relatively new term when the project was initiated, the...
  5. In this book the author has brought together much of the basic information for fruit and nut crop diseases to provide practicing agriculturists and professional workers with a useful tool. The material is presented so that a highly technical background is not needed for its interpretation.
  6. Horticulture is both an art and a science. Horticulture deals with the development, growth, distribution and utilization of fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants and turf. It enriches our lives with nutritious flavor and beauty.
  7. This book provides a general account of the factors affecting agriculture in the tropics, with particular emphasis on applying existing knowledge and recent research to methods of improving and developing current practices.
  8. Featuring agroforestry's role in the protective and ameliorative roles to enchance productivity and sustainability.
  9. This book discusses sciences and practices of grassland farming in tropical regions. For generations the indigenous farmer of the tropics has derived his income from cash crops such as cocoa, coffee, oil palm etc. after the immediate needs of his family are met by growing food crops. It is only...
  10. This manual contains information on Production constraints, Strategies, Post Harvest Technology and Research on Cassava in Africa.