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  1. This book is a report on the status of agaronomic research and scholarship pertaining to sustainable agriculture-particularly of the Tropics.
  2. 2015-01-01 The book focuses on successful agricultural strategies of upland farmers, particularly in south and south-east Asia,and presents over 50 contributions by scholars from around the world and from various disciplines, including agricultural economics, ecology and anthropology.It is asequel to the...
  3. 1993-01-01 Committee on Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment in the Humid Tropics 702 pages, illustrated, tables, photos
  4. Key Resource 2019-01-20 Second edition of this classic textbook expands on the first edition to include advances made in the last four decades, bringing the topic completely up to date. The book addresses critical issues such as whether humanity can feed itself, and whether it can do so in environmentally sound and...
  5. 2016-05-27 As the title hints at it you will find this booklet about the basics ofSustainable Ecological Organic Agriculture in the Tropicsthe information you need to successfully run a small self-sufficient garden or to manage a profitable, ecological, organic agricultural operation.
  6. 1991-01-01 A collection of reports on successfully promoting the linking up of small-scale, experimental farmers so that they can learn from one another. 270 pages, illustrations
  7. Humid Tropics Series I is a collection of guidelines for small farms in the humid tropics. 3 Copies