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  1. This book is the result of years of research into what really does and does not encourage plants to grow faster and what works to protect them from diseases and pests. Gillman is also very clear on what concoctions should be avoided.
  2. 1970-01-01 371 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 1994-01-01 12 pages, tables
  4. 1999-01-01 259 pages, illustrated
  5. 1995-01-01 .Plant Clinic utilizes a series of questions with the answers pointing to possible diagnosis. Included is data on 10 cases to show the process. 20 pages, illustrations
  6. 2011-01-01 African Organic Agriculture Manual Booklet Series 14 pages, illustrated
  7. 1991-01-19 Technical Bulletin 15, Assian Vegetable Research and Development Center 63 pages, illustrated
  8. 2009-08-01
  9. 1966-01-01 This is the gardener's encyclopedia guide to the identification and control of the many diseases that attack cultivated plants including house plants, shrubs, vines, lawn grasses, trees, vegetables, and fruits..
  10. This compendium is a list of names, synonyms, altitudinal limits, propagation methods, pests, diseases, edible parts, food values of food plants of Papua New Guinea.