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  1. Creole Document - Guide to raising piglets
  2. A creole document describing illnesses in Haiti that can be prevented with vaccine available in Haiti
  3. A Creole document describing rabies. How animals get rabies, Signs of rabies, What should you do if you suspect an animal has rabies, How to know if an animal is rabid, What to do if you are bit by an animal.
  4. A Creole document with Macro and Common Micro Minerals their functions and problems that occur with deficiency or excess. Vitamins - Fat and Water Soluble, functions and problems that occur with deficiency or excess
  5. Glossary of terms
  6. A creole document describing the 3 forms of Chlamydia in goats and zoonotic potential
  7. Creole Document :breeding rabbits is a very exciting job, and provides many economic advantage.
  8. Creaole Document -Nouvo Gid Kilti Legim - New Guide to Growing Vegetables
  9. Creole Document on Drip Irrigation
  10. Creole Document onImproving Poultry Production In Haiti