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The International Moringa Germplasm Collection houses living material of 12 of the 13 Moringa species, as a resource for scientific research on the basic biology of Moringa and investigation of applied uses such as nutrition, cancer chemoprevention, biofuels, and water clarification. It is managed by Dr. Mark Olson, of the Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and is located on the coast of Jalisco, Mexico. 


Please use the collection! A standing call for international, interdisciplinary Moringa research

​The International Moringa Germplasm Collection is currently producing leaves of most species ofMoringa, and seed, at least in limited quantitites, of several. This material is intended to enable high-quality, interdisciplinary research on Moringa. So if your lab group is working on questions of applied or basic interest, then I would be glad to provide material and input regarding the characteristics of the species, and their relationships and evolution. Because the Collection so far gets its funding from grants that require demonstrated scientific productivity, using the Collection needs to be in the form of a collaboration with coauthorship. Also, the hope is that by using a very broad sampling across the family, the Collection can make moringa research of broader impact, so ideally collaboration would involve a commitment to move into higher-impact scientific publications rather than regional journals. Ideally, research would involve specialists from the countries of origin of the different species. If your group is interested in this sort of international collaborative research on moringa, with an aim to making it as high-impact as possible, please get in touch!