August 14, 2017 00:00 - August 18, 2017 00:00
ECHO Campus, United States
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As a development worker or missionary, where do you start? How might you ensure that development efforts will be relevant, realistic, and community-owned? This five-day course will cover the basics of effective community development. Using proven participatory methods, experienced community development workers will introduce attendees to hands-on tools that can better enable change agents and partner communities to survey local assets and needs. Utilizing feedback, participants will practice prioritizing issues as well as strategic responses in order to develop action plans. Course participants will walk through the fundamentals of project management cycles: planning, implementation, monitoring, finances, and reporting. Additionally, participants will explore methodologies of agricultural information exchange.


Highlighted Instructor:

Lindy Backues, PhD, is Associate Professor of Economic Development at Eastern University, St. Davids,
Pennsylvania, teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His publications, writings, and
public speaking events have explored the connection between theology and community development,
especially as the two interface in the midst of practical, implemented, participatory involvement. Dr.
Backues came to Eastern University after nearly two decades of direct involvement in development
work in Indonesia, where, among other accomplishments, he founded and directed a multi-disciplinary,
multi-faith community empowerment, non-government organization. He also served as program
supervisor between 2005–2007 for tsunami response in the province of Aceh Jaya in north Sumatra.
Living in Indonesia from 1989–2007, Dr. Backues worked primarily in the region of West Java amongst
the Sundanese and served as Indonesia Country Director for Millennium Relief & Development Services
out of Houston, Texas. Dr. Backues teaches a wide variety of courses at Eastern University, such as
“Epistemological Insights for Anthropological Practice,” “Faith and Economic Justice,” “Economic
Development of Third World Countries,” “Economic Reasoning Seminar,” “Theology of Culture,” and
“Theology of Poverty.”