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Half the world still lives on less than $2 per day. On this budget, it can be impossible to sustain life. Malnutrition in the developing world causes dire consequences for nearly a billion people, 60% of them women and girls. Yet, there is hope for change as the majority of those who are hungry are farmers by trade, but lack the resources to grow their own food. In many developing countries, women in particular are well-positioned to lead families and communities out of malnutrition and poverty.

Hunger is overcome when people are empowered to produce their own food.

Seed Programs International provides quality seeds and critically-needed expertise to impoverished communities in developing countries. The strategy initiates a cycle of self-sufficiency that gives people resources they need to feed themselves. Extra vegetables are readily sold to bring household income. Gardeners are then able to cover school fees and supplies, garden equipment, and healthcare, furthering their ability to overcome poverty.