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Published: 2011-07-20

Tim Tanner (working in Tanzania) shared, “An interesting feature about the mature [moringa] seeds is that if you eat them, they act much like the miracle fruit on your ECHO farm. Try it: Take two or three seeds, peel them, eat them (a bit bitter) and wait about 45 seconds. Then drink a glass of water. You will think you are drinking juice. A Tanzanian medical officer who is associated with ANAMED showed me that. He uses moringa seeds in his clinic for getting children to take their medicine. He tells them that the seeds are the bitter medicine. Then he gives them glass of ‘juice’ to wash it down. The glass of water has the actual medicine. I’m not sure I like the ethics of lying to the children, but it is clever.”

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ECHO Staff 2011. New Use for Moringa Seeds. ECHO Development Notes no. 112