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Trichanthera gigantea is a small to medium sized shrub, generally about 5 m high but it can grow to a height of 12-15 m (Cook et al., 2005; Rosales, 1997). The crown is 6 m in diameter and the tree is many branched. Branches are quadrangular with rounded nodes and minutely haired tips. The leaves are oppositely borne on 1-5 cm long petioles. Leaf blades are 26 cm long x 14 cm broad, ovate to oblong in shape, dark green on the upper surface and paler on the underside. The inflorescences are compact terminal panicles bearing 10-20 bell-like flowers. The corolla is 3-4 cm long, red at the base and becoming yellow at the throat. Nacedero flowers have conspicuous, long, hairy anthers (the latin name Trichanthera means "hairy anther"). Fruits are dehiscent woody capsules, containing between 4 and 40 seeds, which split open once the seeds are mature (Cook et al., 2005; Rosales, 1997). Like all plants of the Acanthaceae family, Trichanthera gigantea forms cystoliths, which are small mineral concretions that appear as minute short lines on the upper surface of the leaves, the upper portions of the stems, on the branches of the inflorescences and on the calyx (Rosales, 1997).