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Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) has also given ECHO permission to host their excellent publications. One of these books is Raising Healthy Poultry. This resource is an extensive, 140 page resource within CVM’s “Raising Healthy Animals Series." It has detailed information about the following topics in poultry rearing:

  • Poultry shelters 
  • Breeding (both meat and egg-type poultry)
  • Feeding systems and options
  • Medical care, both preventative and reactionary
  • Basic economic considerations

You will also find information on raising bees, fish, goats, and sheep.

13 Issues in this Publication (Showing 11 - 13)

Raising Healthy Poultry - 1990-01-19

W. Malcolm Reid (1910-1990) was Professor Emeritus of Poultry Science (Parasitology) at the University of Georgia. He saw a need for a book dealing with basic poultry production and recruited others to help him develop one. He knew firsthand the value of poultry as a source of food and manure for soil enrichment.

Raising Healthy Rabbits - 1988-01-19

This manual is designed to give basic information that has been shown to be successful in a variety of situations. We have often opted to describe methods that may be too sophisticated or expensive to apply in every case in an effort to illustrate the optimal condition.  Obviously, not everyone will be able to install stainless steel caging and automatic watering systems, but to omit these would impede individuals aspiring to achieve the ideal.  In most cases we must rely on your ingenuity and creativity to 'make do' for your particular climate and cost restraints.

Raising Healthy Pigs - 1984-01-19

This book speaks to the challenges of small farm pig production. The two main themes of malnutrition and parasite control are dealt with in depth, utilizing very practical ideas and methods. The author repeatedly emphasizes the need to deal with these issues if the farmer is to be successful in pig farming. The book has many practical suggestions, and is an excellent primer in pig farming.  This book is also available in Spanish.