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CTA Publishing offers more than 600 titles covering different topics in the area of agriculture and rural development. The visitor can search by category, title, author, ISBN number or free text. It is also possible to obtain information on the stock of a title. Some publications are downloadable.

CTA publishes and co-publishes printed, electronic and/or multimedia information products on various aspects of agriculture and rural development (including CTA bi-monthly magazine Spore/Esporo). 

CTA Publications Catalogue includes between 550 and 600 titles (co-)published by CTA in English, French and - to a limited extent - in Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili. The Publications Distribution Service distributes CTA (co-)publications on a subscription basis. 

The subscriptions are available free-of-charge to organisations in ACP countries involved in agricultural and rural development. 

To be eligible for a free subscription, the organisations must fill in an application form and certify their dedication to actively share the information with others. If their application is accepted, they receive a free subscription to Spore/Esporo and an account with credit points to order publications. The credit points are renewed every year. Each CTA (co-)publication has a nominal value in credit points.

The website is also available in French and Portuguese